Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Regular Show Season 3 Episode 67 - Dead at Eight

After what seemed like an eternity (1 week) we have the newest episode of regular show out now! It is a bitter sweet occasion for all of us Regular Show fans as this is the last episode of season 3. So enjoy Season 3 Episode 28 Dead at Eight, and get ready for next season (season 4 has been confirmed yay!) Also remember free regular show streaming has a HUGE repository of every single Regular Show Episode ever released! So over the summer be sure to watch all of your favourite episodes or episodes that you missed . And we will try to update the site with some regular show related content every now and then so you have something to look forward to :).
Again thanks everybody and enjoy Regular Show 328 Dead at Eight!

Short Description:
Description for Regular Show Season 3 Episode 28 Dead at Eight coming soon!

Full Summary:
Description for Regular Show Season 3 Episode 28 Dead at Eight coming soon!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Regular Show Season 3 Episode 66 - Busted Cart

Hello everyone and welcome to another great episode of regular show. Sorry for the short delay in streaming episode releases and the delay in episode descriptions. I was away for a week but now I'm back to bring you all the full length episodes of regular show you can handle. Today we are streaming regular show season 3 episode 26 Busted Cart. And as always Busted Cart is full length and streaming free.

Short Description:
Mordecai and Rigby bust up the parks cart extreme carting. And if Benson cant get it fixed within 24 hours then Mr. Maellard is going to fire him! Feeling bad for Benson Mordecai and Rigby tag along for the adventure but only make the situation worse....

Full Summary:
Season 3 Episode 26 Busted Cart begins with Mordecai and Rigby going extreme carting around the park. After pulling off some amazing grinds flips and twists they eventually lose control of the cart and crash it into a tree. Unfortunately this happens right as Benson's boss (and the owner of the park) Mr. Maellard is talking to Benson about how great the park is doing. Now Mr. Maellard gives Benson and Ultimatum, either he fixes the cart or hes fired. This wouldn't be a very big deal but Benson has to go way out of town within 24 hours before the cart warranty expires. Fuming mad he leaves for the highway and it looks like he will make it on time, until he sees Mordecai and Rigby stowed away in the back after explicitly telling them to stay at the park. Things only get worse as Mordecai and Rigby keep messing the simplest things up like opening a bottle of water or getting some napkins. Eventually things simmer down in the car and Benson loosens up enough to let Mordecai drive for a couple hours while he sleeps. As usual Mordecai and Rigby cant keep on task and pull over to a roadside arcade to play games for "30 minutes" which actually lasted till morning. Benson was fuming mad and very upset when he woke up as he realised he was going to lose his job now because of Mordecai and Rigby. This made the two feel very bad for him so they took matters into their own hands and drove the truck down highway 13, the most dangerous highway in America. Benson eventually catches up to them but by the time he takes the wheel there is no turning back and they have to attempt to cross the dangerous highway. With all 4 wheels popped Benson is losing control of the truck so Mordecai and Rigby hop out the back and tether the cart to the truck. They're skills gained from the extreme carting allows them to barely avoid all of the dangers around them and make it to the dealership just on time.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Regular Show Season 3 Episode 65 - Yes Dude Yes

Regular Show Yes Dude Yes Picture

Hey all another fantastic full length episode of regular show coming your way. Today we are streaming - in full HD - regular show season 3 episode 65 Yes Dude Yes. To keep up to date with all the latest episodes of regular show follow us on twitter! And if you want to spread the awesome to your friends click that Facebook share button at the top ^^. Enjoy the episode and see you next Monday!

Short Description:
After Margaret breaks Mordecai's heart he finds himself in a daze. Until he meets a cloud girl names CJ. CJ and Mordecai become close until he finds out Margaret is available to date again... 

Full Summary:
Regular Show Season 3 Episode 27 starts off with Mordecai getting 2 tickets to see the Movie Love Bot 2. After  Rigby gets excited about the movie Mordecai tells him that he plans on asking Margaret to the movie and finally making his move. But on his way over to the coffee shop to ask Margaret to the movies he finds her being proposed to and screaming Yes Dude Yes!. Heartbroken Mordecai sits in his room for five days listening to the same sad song on repeat. Finally Rigby gets him out of his room by telling him about a online dating site. Mordecai is not a fan of the idea but Rigby had already signed him up. So after a couple unsuccessful blind dates Mordecai finally meets a great girl, a cloud named CJ. CJ and Mordecai are very similar people and both enjoy each others company. At the end of their date Mordecai asks CJ to go to love bot 2 with him. Mordecai was starting to feel good about himself again until he sees Margaret and her fiancee in the streets on his way home. This triggers another episode of depression and Mordecai is once again stuck in his room listening to the same sad song on repeat. Finally Benson and Skips convince Mordecai to go down to the coffee shop and confess his love for Margaret so he can finally get closure. But just as he enters Margaret finally introduces him and Rigby to the strange man that everybody thought was her fiancee. It turns out to actually be Margaret's cousin who got a new wooden leg and Margeret was so excited she screamed Yes Dude Yes. Elated Mordecai asks Margaret to Love Bot 2 right as CJ walks in. After hearing Mordecai tell her that he never really wanted to date her, he just liked her as a friend CJ turns into a violent storm cloud and tears up the coffee shop. Mordecai fixes the situation by telling CJ that he always just liked her as a friend, and he knows how it feels to like somebody and not have them like you back. Back in her regular state CJ walks out of the store still mad at Mordecai and the episode concludes with Margaret being equally mad/jealous that there was another girl in his life. So Mordecai not being able to go with Margaret, CJ or Rigby takes Margaret's cousin to see the terrible movie Love Bot 2.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Regular Show Season 3 Episode 64 - Fists of Justice

Regular show Season 3 Episode 64 Fists of Justice
Hello and welcome to our wonderful website! I hope you are having a good day but its about to get even better! We are streaming the latest, newest episode of Reglaur Show today! The full episode of Season 3 Episode 64 is live streaming in HD. Todays episode is called Fists of Justice. I really enjoy these episodes that feature skips as a main character such as skips vs technology episode and I hope you do to :)

Short Description:

Mordecai and Rigby damage Skips hands right before his fight to defend the Guardians of youth. This comes after Skips cashes in a birthday certificate saying that Mordecai and Rigby will do all of his jobs for one day. Mordecai and Rigby then come to the conclusion that this includes defeating the evil ClorgBane for Skips!

Full Summary:

The episode opens with Mordecai beating Rigby at video games during their day off. When all of the sudden their day is spoiled by skips cashing in a gift certificate given to him on his birthday by Mordecai and Rigby saying they will do all of his work for a day. Disgruntled, they accept and start crossing off all of his chores but one, moving pops harpsichord out of the house. They both conclude they need skips help and call him interrupting his meditation by shouting on his answering machine "pick up the phone skips, we know your home skips, pick the phone skips." But when skips come to help them move the harpsichord Rigby closes its top on skips hands disfiguring them badly. This couldn't come at a worse time as right after his hands become unusable skips is called up to the guardians of youth, who give skips eternal youth in exchange for defeating their evil brother "Clorgbane" once every 157 years. Skips is then given the "fists of justice" to help him defeat Clorgbane but it is impossible with his damaged hands. After almost getting destroyed Mordecai and Rigby step in and convince the guardians to let them try to defeat Clorgbane with the fists. After realizing controlling the gloves is just like controlling their game Mordecai and Rigby easily defeat Clorgbane and in return the guardians of youth move the harpsichord for them.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Regular Show Season 3 Episode 63 - Trash Boat

Having a bad Tuesday night? Hard day at work/school and you missed regular show yesterday? Well you came to the right place! We are live and streaming every full episode of regular show in HD online free. On this Tuesday we are bringing you Season 3 Episode 63 - Trash Boat. So sit back relax and let your brain take a break for 11 minutes while you enjoy Mordecai, Rigby, Pops, Benson, Muscle Man, High Fives Ghost (HFG) and BARRACUDA DEATHWISH in trash boat.

Short Description:
Rigby changes his name to trash boat because he wants to be like the cool rockstar "the urge" this doesn't work out good for Rigby because it turns out nobody thinks his name is very cool. Rigby needs $50 to get his name back but nobody will give him a loan or hire him!

Full Summary:
The show starts with Rigby watching a behind the bands episode about the death metal metal band Barracuda Deathwish. The interviewer asks how Barracuda Deathwish became so awesome and the lead singer says it because he changed his name to "the urge." Rigby thinks this is so awesome so after looking around the house and seeing some trash and a boat decides to change his name to "trash boat." But his excitement soon fades as Mordecai tells everybody of his name change and nobody thinks its cool, but instead they all laugh at him and make fun of him constantly.  Humiliated and sad Rigby tries to get another job to raise $50 to change his name back but every employer rejects him after seeing "trash boat." Right as it seems there is no hope for Rigby to ever change his name back a old, fat, balding "the urge" appears from the future. He says that he has come back to kill Rigby after "trash boat" became more popular then "the urge" this leads to the inevitable chase seen where Rigby finally gets the money out of Mordecai and runs to the courthouse to change his name. Just as "the urge" strums the final note on his guitar laser gun Rigby's name change is finalized and the urge is back to being famous. But not for long as at the end of the show we see a parade of time travelling name changers who have all come back to stope each other from becoming more famous then themselves.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Regular Show Season 3 Episode 62 - Replaced

Today we are presenting you with the newest episode of regular show to date! And dont worry its not a preview! This is the full length episode of Regular show Season 3 Episode 62 Replaced. This episode was released Monday April 16 and we are bringing it to you free streaming online on Tuesday April 17.

Short Description
Mordecai and Rigby wake up after a crazy pizza party late for work (again!) They go to meet Benson by the docks and see two new guys Chad and jeremy talking to Benson about taking their jobs. Mordecai and Rigby have to come up with a way to stop Chad and Jeremy and keep their positions at the park.

Full Summary [*Spoilers*]
After a crazy pizza party Mordecai and Rigby wake up 2 hours late for work. After rushing out to the paddleboat docks to meet up with Benson they find him talking to two new characters. Chad and Jeremy. Chad the ostrich and Jeremy the possum are two tech savvy guys gunning for Mordecai and Rigby's jobs.  Benson alarms Mordecai and Rigby when he says there are two jobs opening up very soon. After a failed attempt to distract Chad and Jeremy Mordecai and Rigby decide the only way to keep their jobs is to sabotage the paddle boats by making them super dirty. But Mordecai and Rigby start running out of time and in a last ditch effort hold the biggest pizza party ever causing the boats to get even dirtier and Chad and Jeremy to get even more angry. This eventually boils over into a brawl between everyone at the party where after all is said and done, the docks and the paddle boats are destroyed. Benson immediately comes in and fires Mordecai and Rigby in a fit of rage. Benson cheerfully offers the newly open positions to Chad and Jeremy who spitefully decline. Leaving a stunned Benson who has no other options but to re hire the king of slackers, Mordecai and Rigby.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Regular Show Season 3 Episode 61 - The Best Burger in the World

We are back with a brand new episode of Regular Show that was just aired only a few days ago! Enjoy the full length 1080p quality video and watch it with the friends and family

--This Episode--

Mordecai and Rigby announce to the others that there will be a food truck coming to the park selling the best burgers in the world, which are called "Ulti-Meatums". Just when the two are ready to but their burgers, Benson tells them that they will not be allowed to but burgers until they finish all of their jobs. While Mordecai and Rigby are cleaning Skips' garage, they find a machine called the "Hologram 9000" that makes holograms of anything. Mordecai and Rigby fear the truck will leave soon, so they use the machine to make holograms of themselves in hopes of outfoxing Benson so that they can buy Ulti-Meatums. The holograms appear to work, and Mordecai and Rigby run to the truck and buy themselves Ulti-Meatums. Benson finds out that Mordecai and Rigby used holograms, and drives to the cart to punish them. When Mordecai and Rigby's Ulti-Meatums are finished, the holograms swoop in and steal them. Soon after, a fight breaks out between Mordecai, Rigby, Mordecai's hologram, and Rigby's hologram. Mordecai and Rigby end up defeating the holograms, but come to find that Benson had taken their Ulti-Meatums while they were fighting the holograms and ate them. Benson drives away, and Mordecai and Rigby attempt to get two more Ulti-Meatums, but they then see the truck fall into the crash pit (from "Death Crash Metal Pit", the story told by Muscle Man in the Halloween special, "Terror Tales of the Park".)

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Regular Show Season 3 Episode 60 - Big Winner

The 60th Episode of regular show is now available and we are now finally up to date with the series. Watch the latest episode now down below and enjoy the premium full length quality.

--This Episode--

Sick of being pranked, Mordecai and Rigby decide to get revenge on Muscle Man by giving him a fake lottery ticket. Muscle Man scratches it and sees that he won (or thinks he did) one million dollars. Mordecai and Rigby planned on telling Muscle Man that it was a prank until Skips tells them that the last person who pranked Muscle Man with money ended up getting "pranked" back. Mordecai and Rigby try to plan to tell Muscle Man (very carefully) that it was a prank. Later on, Muscle Man goes to cash the ticket in, until the machine says its not valid, Muscle Man then goes crazy and starts to destroy the machine, when the SWAT Team breaks in and trys to stop Muscle Man. Mordecai and Rigby then tell Muscle Man that the ticket was a fake, and ended up getting punch across the face. However, Muscle Man was impressed to see that Mordecai and Rigby pulled a great prank on him. Instead of "pranking" them back, he let it slide (for the time being).

Regular Show Season 3 Episode 59 - Video Game Wizard

Episode 59 Video Game Wizard is now ready to be viewed or streamed down below. Adore the full length video and share it with the family.

--This Episode--

After seeing a commercial for a tournament with the grand pize of a prototype video game controller called "The Maximum Glove", he and Rigby decide to partner up and win it. However, a quarrel ensues when Mordecai picks Skips to be his partner instead due to him having a stronger ability at playing video games. During the five-hour car ride to the state capitol, Rigby makes subtle references as to why he is depressed and mad, such as playing a song that he recorded with the lyrics "why didn't you pick your best friend?" repeated over and over again. Mordecai and Skips easily advance through the first rounds, and eventually they reach the championship game. As the match begins, Rigby starts to cry and runs out of the capitol. Out of guilt and sorrow, Mordecai offers Rigby to be his partner, and they teleport to another dimension in which they get maximized in order to win the competition. After beating the other team, Mordecai and Rigby win the glove, but it turns out to be a dud.[66]

Regular Show Season 3 Episode 58 - Gut Model

We are almost up to the latest episode of regular show and will continue updating the site. Watch Gut model now below and enjoy the full length video

--This Episode--

Muscle Man invites his coworkers to celebrate the five years he has been at the park by going to "Fry-It-Up" (a local restaurant), but they are unable to attend due to previous engagements. (Mordecai and Rigby have dates with Margaret and Eileen, Skips, Pops, and Benson have to go lawn bowling, and High-Five Ghost has to go to his brother, Low-five Ghost's police academy graduation). He decides to go alone and encounters two men who want to give him a job as a gut model. Muscle Man do not initially want the job, but because he feels unappreciated the next day he tells everyone he will be quitting working at the park to do the job, which everyone congratulates him for, so he does it. That night, the men throw a party for Muscle Man (catered by "Fry-It-Up") where he will then sign the contract showing that he will be a permanent gut model. When he see friends not upset that he is leaving, Muscle Man freaks out and starts throwing inedible stuff into a bunch of fryers. This causes a fryer monster to sprout up and it's up to Muscle Man to stop it before it hurts his friends. He does this by throwing himself into the fryer monster (afterwards he thinks he saved everyone but Mordecai explains he just gave them time to get to safety). Muscle Man then cannot take the Gut Model job due to his severe gut burns and goes back to working in the park.

Regular Show Season 3 Episode 57 - Eggscellent

Once again, we bring you another great episode of regular show. Watch the full length episode of Eggscellent now.

--This Episode--

Mordecai and Rigby are watching an action TV show when Benson tells to get back to work. But before they turn off the TV Mordecai and Rigby view a commercial for a promotion at a local Breakfast joint. If one person eats an entire twelve egg omelet in under an hour, they will win a Trucker style hat with the words "I'm Eggcellent" on it. Mordecai and Rigby attempt to win it but as soon as Rigby gulps down the eggs, he faints and is taken to the hospital. RIn the ambulance, Rigby tells Mordecai that he is allergic to eggs, and Mordecai promisises Rigby he will win the hat. Right after he promisises this, Rigby slips into a coma. Mordcai attempts to eat the omelet to win the hat, but fails. While Mordecai is at the hospital again, Benson and Skips comes in and Skips explains that there was a park employee who (just like Rigby) wanted the hat. He kept a journal with ways on how to finish it. Mordecai, Benson, Skips and the others all begin training Mordecai to eat the omelet. After succeeding in the practice, he heads to the restaurant and attempts to eat it. When the employees see him succeeding, they try to stop him but Benson, Skips, Hi-Five Ghost, and Muscle Man keep them away from Mordecai. After the entire fight, he finishes and is then transported to where he must claim his prize. If he chooses the wrong prize, he will die, like the former park manager. Mordecai remembers that Rigby said it was a Trucker-Style hat and Mordecai spots it. He picks it up, puts it on and is teleported back. He then puts the hat on Rigbys head, bringing him out of his coma, while then Rigby looks at the T.V. and it has a commercial for an another impossible food challenge on it.

Regular Show Season 3 Episode 56 - Buttdial

We are so close of reaching the latest episode of regular show. Stream the full length down below with no hassle.

--This Episode--

Mordecai accidentally calls Margaret while driving and sings a song about his feelings for her on her voicemail. When he finds out about it, he hunts down her phone and tries to delete the message. He failed the attempt 3 times and him and Rigby got sucked inside Margaret's phone and faced permanent deletion. They tried "coffee/sandwiches/Mordecai but it turns out that her password was "DADDYS GIRL". Margaret finds out that Mordecai & Rigby tried to "hack" her phone and she gets mad but she hears his song that he sang and becomes happy and sets it as her ringtone every time he calls her.

Regular Show Season 3 Episode 55 - Skips vs. Technology

Watch episode 55 of regular show, Skips vs. Technology now. The full length video features Skips and his confusion with technology.

--This Episode--

As Skips continues to help everyone with problems relating to broken supplies, Mordecai and Rigby are attempting to print something, but encounter error # 219. They ask Skips if he can fix it, but when he says no and leaves the room depressed (because they called someone to fix the computer and Skips has no idea how computers work), he goes to a library to figure out how to fix computers. After this, he returns to the park only to find out that the problem had become an error # 220. Skips then goes to a computer lab to see how to fix an error # 220. But when the two employees go on break frustrated that Skips doesn't even know how to access the internet, Skips returns to the park to find that Mordecai and Rigby had called Skips' friend from the 1700's, Techmo to fix the virus. While attempting to do so, Techmo gets taken over by the Doomagedden Virus. As the virus continues to spread, Skips figures out how to fix it. He tells Mordecai and Rigby to begin opening as many programs as they can. In doing so, Techmo slows down giving Skips time to destroy the computer, thus freeing Techmo and killing the virus. After a brief moment of gratitude for Skips, Techmo leaves and Mordecai and Rigby succesfully print what they've been trying to - a thank you letter for Skips

Regular Show Season 3 Episode 54 - Think Positive

This episode of regular show brought to you today is something you must watch. It is a great full length episode and can be viewed down below.

--This Episode--

Frustrated at the many times Benson has ruined Pops' fun by yelling at Mordecai and Rigby, Pops asks Benson to stop yelling at them ever again or he will be fired. The first time Benson yells, Pops warns him to stop. After doing so again, Pops writes Benson up and presents the demotion to his father. Pops then tells Benson that if he yells again, he'll be fired. Although Benson has trouble controlling his anger at first, he eventually learns to keep it in. But in doing so, he nearly destroys the entire park due to bottling up his anger. Benson morphs into a solar-beam giving form of himself, and starts to destroy the park. Pops then realizes the error that he caused and tells Benson that he can yell at Mordecai and Rigby again, he ceases disintegration of the park and accidentally makes Mordecai and Rigby deaf.

Regular Show Season 3 Episode 53 - Fortune Cookie

Watch the awesome episode of Fortune Cookie of regular show now. Enjoy the full length feature and no registration or survey required.

--This Episode--

Benson treats the gang a lunch at a Chinese restaurant in honor of celebrating Benson's streak of good luck. Everyone enjoys their time, except for Rigby because of his bad luck. When the fortune cookies arrive, Benson is absent from the table and Rigby opens his cookie only to realize that it says "bad luck is coming your way". Rigby then exchanges his fortune with Benson's, who's says "good luck is coming your way". Upon doing so, Rigby has good luck all day and Benson has bad luck. Then Mordecai finds Benson playing cards in Skips' garage. Frustrated at the amount of defeats in his hand, Benson bets the park to his next opponent. When Benson loses, his opponent reveals himself as a Warlock who begins to suck the whole park up. Mordecai finds Rigby and tells him to switch back fortunes with Benson to save the park. When Benson obtains the good luck fortune, the warlock disappears and the park is saved. At the end it is revealed that Muscle Man got "the bad luck fortune" and put inside Rigby's cookie giving Muscle Man Rigby's fortune saying "You will get on the cover of "VIDEO GAME MONTHLY."

Regular Show Season 3 Episode 52 - Weekend at Benson's

We show today another episode of regular show, Weekend at Benson's. Watch this full length episode now and enjoy it with the family.

--This Episode--

Mordecai and Rigby are trying to help Benson fix a street light, but start fighting and Benson falls off the ladder and gets knocked unconscious. They put sunglasses on Benson attempt to take him home so they won't get in trouble for knocking him out, nearly getting busted by a persistent Muscle Man who wants to thank Benson for helping him with a date. When they arrive at Benson's apartment, they discover that his neighbor Audrey was expecting him for a party. Hesitant, they bring Benson to the party, and at goes really well, until Audrey's ex-boyfriend Chuck "The Iron Stomach" challenges Benson to a spicy food contest. When Benson appears to be winning, Chuck gets mad and makes a special drink for Benson which he calls the "Mississippi Queen". The smell of the drink causes Benson to regain consciousness and Mordecai and Rigby quickly take him to the bathroom to explain the situation. Benson agrees to continue the contest to impress Audrey but forces Mordecai and Rigby to share the drink with him. After chugging it, they wonder why it didn't taste all that spicy, but then they start to get a hallucinogenic reaction from the drink. The next morning they wake up in the park nauseous from eating. Benson is outraged and attempts to fire Mordecai and Rigby. They point out a note attached to Benson's chest on which Audrey's number is written. Because of this, he just tells Mordecai and Rigby to get back to work.

Regular Show Season 3 Episode 51 - Under the Hood

In addition to the previous episode of regular show, we bring today another great episode. Watch  the full episode of Under the Hood now below!

--This Episode--

Mordecai and Rigby are assigned by Benson to clean up the graffiti that was spray-painted on the walls. Muscle Man shows up with High-Five Ghost with orange sauce on him, and Mordecai accuses of him of doing the graffiti when the orange was really buffalo wing sauce. A spray-paint can falls out of Muscle Man's pants, and Benson fires Muscle Man. High-Five Ghost goes along with Muscle Man, and after they see a shady man named Park Avenue spray-paint the wall, they try to get Muscle Man's job back. Benson doesn't believe them, and Park Avenue continues to spray-paint the park. Meanwhile, Muscle Man pursues comedy, but he is booed for telling "my mom" jokes. Park lures Mordecai and Rigby to a separate dimension, where Mordecai and Rigby are stuck in Park's house. The two must strike a deal with Park to save Muscle Man's job.

Regular Show Season 3 Episode 50 - Crusin

We have finally reached the 50th episode and slowly updating you with more. Watch the full length episode of Cruisin now below.

--This Episode--

After watching a movie trailer, Mordecai and Rigby believes that a cool car can get you girls, and agrees. Margaret and Eileen come and see the trailer, disgusted by their actions, and bet them that if they can get a girl's phone number by "cruising", Margaret would get them a free dinner, but if they lost, Mordecai would have to buy Margaret, Eileen and their fake boyfriends dinner. After failing repeatedly at getting girl's phone numbers, Mordecai realizes that the golf cart is not cool enough, so they use Pops' fancy car. They fail miserably at getting the numbers, until two women, Trash and Scabbitha, jump into Mordecai and Rigby's car and start to run away from their boyfriends, Bloodshed and Manslaughter, who chase Mordecai and Rigby through the evening sky. After the engine fails and the girls reveal they were using the two to anger their boyfriends, Mordecai and Rigby have to escape the boyfriends and not crash.